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In today's busy business world, it may happen that you must urgently need an important document, but you are unable to find it. The very thought of searching the pile of paper in your documents bag creates chaos and stress. The best way to carry your documents and have them easily accessible is to use a document folder . If you are looking for slim, affordable and elegant document folder in leather (dokumentenmappe leder), the ones on sale at Bag Selection are the best choice. Each part  is made of smooth, vegetable tanned full grain leather.  These folders are easy to carry, easy to use and slim enough not to feel too much extra weight.
dokumentenmappe leder

      leather document holder 

A travel document holder is the ideal accessory for people who travel a lot. Travel on holiday or business trips can be hectic and stressful, especially when you fly a lot. In a sturdy leather document case, you can keep your documents such as boarding passes, tickets, identity papers, reservation confirmations, safe and accessible. Whether you are a specialist or an entrepreneur, every beautiful piece looks professional and makes a great impression.
These fine leather document holders (dokumentenmappe leder) are ideal as corporate gifts, because you can order them with your monogram or company logo imprinted. They make a perfect gift for your customers and stakeholders at the end of the year.

Pack Easy HiClass Document Bag Black
If you often attend meetings, a leather meeting folder is perfect for you. It is equipped with several compartments and pockets where you can store A4 files, documents, mobile phone, pen, notepad and other important items. Enhanced with your own logo or monogram, the elegant leather cover will make the right impression when going to important meetings. The zippered case and sturdy cover provide extra safety for your important documents. You can easily pack the leather folder in your carrier bags or backpacks when you're on your way.

In addition, each document folder is of excellent quality and is made to last. Some of the articles come with a 25 years manufacturer warranty. They have undergone rigorous quality checks, under the supervision of experienced specialists to ensure that the final product is free of defects. Browse online through the extensive collection of  leather folders and order your favorite today.

Maxwell Scott - Luxury Leather Travel Briefcase in Brown


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